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Stylist Secret about Hair Color 2014 Every Girl Must Know

If you are looking for some ideas about hair color 2014, then you will find so many interesting trends. Just like in any years, there will be some hues that will be trends and replace the others existed colors. Here we are sharing about some famous stylist opinions that can be your reference in choosing the fittest hairstyles and hair colours ever. So, before heading to the nearest saloon, do read and learn the following ideas and keep stylish by stealing some trends that suit to your personal taste!
It seems that hair color 2014 will be platinum which is combined with capital blonde. Platinum is a bright shade and it looks anything but cool. Many celebrities, let’s say Miley Cirus, Kim Kardashian, and Elle Fanning show this cool color on several fashion occasion. Considering so many famous stars using this shade, almost all stylists do agree that this hair color idea will be hit in 2014. And, it is truly proved! Almost all American saloons offer this color to their loyal customer.

Having done with the hot color in 2014, now it is the time for us to talk about the hair trend. 2014 is the moment when we should say goodbye with any colorful and playful accents. Hair color 2014 is dominated with single and monochromatic color without any bold highlights. So, you can ask your stylist to give full-headed hues with bright shade too. Perhaps, this trend is affected with the development of the color technology.

In correlation with the above statement, actually there is not only the bright version of shade that is booming. There are also some stylists who believe that hair color 2014 still work well with fiery and wild colors. Let’s say, fiery red, coppery auburn, and orange red are still expected to be eye-catching too. Having that said, you can have another alternative without compromising on the style.

So, what hair color 2014 that will be replaced? The answer is the colorful one. Do think about rainbow and all the colors inside will be leaved out in 2014. The iconic color as pink, blue, and red will fade so quickly. However, if you like with ombre style, then you should be happy as this hairstyle still exists in 2014 although with subtle version. So, with those above hair trends in 2014, are you ready to make any makeover?

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Stylist Secret about Hair Color 2014 Every Girl Must Know

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