Thursday, 30 July 2015

Pro Cons of Hair Colour: Reasons Why Your Hairs Need It and Not!

For some people, coloring the hair with any crazy hair colour sounds interesting. It will lend them a fresh new look while at the same time still able to maintain their real hair. It is also a good alternative for enhancing your appearance on certain occasions. Despites its great benefits, there are also several drawbacks of giving any hair coloring dye into the hair. From the health issue up to the maintenance, coloring should be thought twice by you. Here we are giving some reasons why your hair needs coloring and not.

Let’s start the discussion from the pro side first! Believe it or not, coloring the hair might be the easiest alternative for anyone feeling bored with the current hair style. Whatever the color you choose, you will come with such fresh look without breaking the saving. If you want to look younger, then hair colour with lighter shade can be a good choice. In contrast, a darker shade can be taken if you want to create any mature impression.

Besides enhancing the look, coloring is the epitome of trendy and updated figure. Giving the hair with any hot colors in the years will show that you are going well with the fashion. Whether it is the time for ombre, full, or even juts highlights, dyeing the piece of hair with any hair colour is the reflection that you are a figure who never outdated with today’s trend. It will add your confidence as well.

On the other hand, you need to watch about several coloring damages, soon or later! First, if you are giving any hair colour for often, it is not impossible that your hair will be a bad one. This is because the harmful chemical substances having by the colors will be absorbed by the hair strands. Once this bad chemicals deposit into the hair, the hair quality will be decreased quickly or lately! Having that said, you need to do extra maintenance to keep your colored hair stay beautiful after. You need to go to saloon and make a touch up at least once a month although it is only highlights hair color too!

Still in correlation with the above statement in which this hair needs more maintenance, it means that you need more budget for this. Every time you go to saloon and give retouch for the hair, you have to pay for the stylist job. With those above positive and negative thoughts of giving hair colour, will you get your hair colored?

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Pro Cons of Hair Colour: Reasons Why Your Hairs Need It and Not!

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