Monday, 3 August 2015

Fabulous Short and Medium Hairstyles for 2014

To help you stay fabulous and stylish every day, we have some gorgeous hairstyles for 2014 you should try. Today, we have compiled haircuts for 2014 perfect for you who have short and medium length hair. Well, after all, who says that having long locks is the only way to rock your hairstyle? If you plan to chop your hair short but you are still hesitant, these inspiring fabulous hairstyles surely will be perfect to steal!
Let’s start from medium hairstyles for 2014 first. If you want to cut your hair short but not too short, hairstyles for 2014 medium definitely are the most perfect choice! Medium length hair is both short and long enough to rock. The versatility is what makes this hair length is popular. Apart from that, medium hairstyles are perfect for all of face shapes too. Whether it is A-line bob or A-line layered hairstyle you want, it will not be a hard time to find one that suits your face or hair texture.

If your hair is naturally straight, A-line bob will be perfect hairstyles for 2014 to frame your face beautifully, as it can suit every face shape perfectly. The same goes for the A-line layers, especially if you have log face. For you who are gifted with medium to thick hair, the layers surely can help removing the excess volume. You can improve the style by drawing the volume around your face by adding waves or curls there.

There is no reason to hate short hairstyles for 2014. As the celebrities love them, why can’t you? We have seen many celebs rocking the simple short hairstyles for totally fabulous and awesome look. Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, and Lupita Nyong’O are beautiful and talented actresses who look totally stunning on red carpets not only with their designer dresses and shoes, but also with their short and fresh hairstyles. As if it is not enough reason to persuade you, you may want to consider this reason: having short hair is a fabulous way to save your money.
Why? It is unquestionable that short hairstyles for 2014 will help you spending less amount of money for treatment. For example, a large bottle of shampoo now can be used for a month (even more!) compared to the times when you still have your long hair. If you are on-schedule woman, you will find short hairstyles are more efficient too.

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Fabulous Short and Medium Hairstyles for 2014

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