Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Be Ready to Steal Dirty Blonde Hair

Some people do love full blonde while some others prefer having dirty blonde hair option. Blonde is a pale yellow color and when it is combined with ‘dirt color’ such as brown, then it will create a new mix named dirty blonde. So, in other words, this coloring term can be said as a darker version of the fair blonde. This is a versatile color to have. And, if you are about giving an update to this hair style, then here are several blonde hair ideas to try!

Making an ombre accents is the first idea to try. Although this hairstyle just goes and comes, many stylists believe that the brown blonde will make your look even fresh. Typically, ombre comes with two or more shades that are mixed in regular patterns. A good ombre on dirty blonde hair for example by using blonde, light brown, and dark brown, and ask your professional person to do the ombre techniques by putting the blonde at the bottom, light brown on above, and dark brown on the top of the hair. The subtle ombre is perfect if you have long or medium hair.
The next idea of dirty blonde hair dye is about making highlights. This popular hairstyle still becomes a favorite by most people as it makes the person looks stunning. As the highlights are for dirty blonde, then the shades will be likely in brown and blonde. Get the highlights looks as natural as possible by keeping the lighter shade of blonde come around the face and the rest shades work in other parts of dirty blonde hair! This highlight style is going to make our look anything but stylish.
Now that you feel bored with those above ideas yet in other side needs some updates still, then you can get the stylist to give an accent to the bottom part of the blonde hair. Sometimes, as the dirty blonde comes with dark look, many smart women are interested to contrast it with any lighter shades. So, for example, you can keep the top of the hair with dirty blonde hair while make a variant by coloring the bottom line with yellow or brown in brighter tone.

So, overall, blonde with dark version can be such great alternative for anyone thinking of having unique look through the blonde. Do mix and match those above ideas and ask to your stylist about your desire. Those ways, an enviable dirty blonde hair already awaits you!

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Be Ready to Steal Dirty Blonde Hair

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