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Choosing Right Hair Colors Depend On Your Skin Tone

Encordobes-- Knowing Your Skin Tone Before Choosing Hair Color Is Very Important

If you have a will to change your hair color, you need to find hair color ideas Before you choose a hair color for your hair, it’s better for you to know your skin tone and undertone. This makes you know what hair color that matchs with your hair. The right hair color will maximalize your appearence. Learn how to determine your skin tone and what color that match with your hair depends on your skin tone below

Consider your skin's shade. The shade of your skin is most likely pale, medium, olive, or dark/deep. This should be fairly obvious, but helpful in choosing a hair color. You won't want your hair color to exactly match your skin's shade and tone or your hair color will look washed out.
Find your skin tone. Regardless of your skin’s shade, you need to determine what your skin’s understone is: warm, cool, or neutral. Wear a white shirt and stand in front of the mirror. Stand in natural light or bright light if possible. Look at the veins on the underside of your wrist to determine the understone. If the veins are predominantly blue-purple, you’ve got cool undertones. If they’re mainly green, you’ve got warm undertones. And if they’re a mix between the two, you have neutral undertones.

Choosing hair color for dark skin shades
Choose a hair color that has rich chestnut or cinnamon shades if you have a warm undertone. It will help balance out any of the yellow or war undertone in your skin. If your skin has red undertones and is a lighter shade, choose a medium to dark brown, black, or blue-black hair color, but is darker, choose a darker rich color and avoid lighter browns.
If you have cool undertones, pick a hair color with some warm highlights to brighten your hair. If your undertone is warm golden and you have lighter dark skin, you can choose any hair color from light to dark browns or reds and blondes.
Choosing a hair color for pale or medium skin shades.
Choose a deep rich base for your hair color. Pick a hair color that leans towards the chestnut, dark golden brown, auburn and mahogany if you have warm undertones with yellow. Then highlight using a red base such as cinnamon or copper. If you choose a blonde base or blonde highlight, you may end up overemphasizing your yellow undertone.

Choose a medium color base for your hair color. Avoid choosing a red or auburn hair color if you have warm undertones with red.

Choosing a hair color for olive skin shade
Choose a warmer hair color. If you have olive skin with a warm or yellow undertone, choose a golden color for your base. If doing highlight, try a warm red color to bring out warmth of your skin tone.
If you have olive skin with a cool undertone, pick a cool hair color such as pick an ash, platinum, copper, or violet red.
Those are some ways of choosing hair color depends on your skin tone included how to determine your skin tone. Hopefully those description will help you to find your hair color ideas


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Choosing Right Hair Colors Depend On Your Skin Tone

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