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6 most wanted hairstyles for women in 2014

encordobes. -- 6 wanted hairstyles for women in 2014
Women are always paying attention on their appearance especially about their hairstyles. Women who are following trends will always keep up with the latest update of hairstyles year by year.

There are 6 most wanted hairstyles forwomen in 2014:

1.      Asymmetric Bob
Asymmetric bob hairstyle is women’s favorite because it looks simply classy. This hairstyle suits women’s face in any shape, it also reflects modesty for women. Most of business woman have this kind of hairstyle because it will make them look more firm and discipline.

2.      Shaggy Hairstyle
We love this adorable shaggy hairstyle. It’s got plenty of flips and dimension, making it an effortless style with loads of flirtyness and femininity. Shaggy hairstyle has thick side bangs, giving the innocent appeal. Layers and side bangs will result an attractive style.

3.      Middle Length Cut
Mid-length haircut is the Goldilocks of hairstyles: not too long, not too short. From hair lengths grazing your lower ear lobe to just below the shoulder, which will give a relaxed impression. If you have square-shaped face, this hairstyle will look great on you.

4.      Mermaid Waves
Mermaid waves style is for a long hair, just right on the shoulders or longer. If you are a typical woman who is lazy to fix you hair, this style suits you. This style will make a tangled impression but still look cool and trendy. If you have a natural straight hair, you can use a curling iron to make your hair wavy.

5.      Long-Straight Hair
This hairstyle was back into trend in 2014. A long-straight hair will make you look feminist and gorgeous, if you have a natural curly hair you can use a straightening iron but do not use it too often because it will damage your natural hair pigments, your curly hair is pretty adorable though.

6.      Layered Curls
This beautiful hairstyle boast medium to long layers that create a beautiful shape even when curly. Hair falls right at the shoulders for a fantastic face-framing look. Add some full side bangs to get an all-out amazing style. To get an amazing layered curls, you have to Blow-dry your hair smooth and silky and use a paddle brush to really get it smooth and then Use a medium sized curling iron and pop in some bouncy curls throughout your whole head of hair. If you have a natural big and wavy hair, this style will suits you perfectly.
Those 6 hair styles were 6 most wanted hairstyles for women in 2014, even most celebrities styled their hair to attend some big events, it proves that those 6 hairstyles were and are the best ones. Following hairstyles trends is very important for women because it will make women more confidence and feel beautiful.

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6 most wanted hairstyles for women in 2014

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