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How to get a layered hairstyle that suits your face shape

Encordobes -- Layered hairstyles are surfacing these days. To get a great style you have to make sure that your layered hairstyle suits your face shape.

It seems many people especially women are starting to layer their hair as it gives a very unique look. However, this is not something you should do yourself, unless you know just what you are doing. Those of you that have those long, beautiful layers, we know that you are going to enjoy those flirtatious flips and that natural texture. Before you get your haircut, you will need to consider about your face shape. Believe it or not, your face shape can affect your hairstyle. Your stylist will know exactly what we are talking about. The best thing about long layers is the fact that they can be casual, sporty or dressy. You can do anything you want with long layers. As you are finding the right long layered style, you will need to determine which style suits you best. You will definitely need to consider the shape of your face. 

So, there are some informations about how to get a layered hairstyle that suits your face shape:
1.      Layered Hairstyle for a Square Faces

If you are a woman with a square face, Playful Bangs is greatly recommended for you. This kind of layered hair will take the emphasis away from the tapered chin of heart shapes, soften a square face and add dimension to a round face.

2.      Layered Hairstyle for Long Faces

If you are a woman with a long face, this Boho Layers is strongly recommended for you. Layers suit everyone, just depends how they are cut, really. If you have a round face you want your layers to start around the chin to make your face look longer. A razored, textured cut is best for you! Square faced beauties, you need to keep the look wispy and start layers a bit below the cheeks to make your strong jaw look softer.

3.      Layered Hairstyle for Oval Faces

If you are a woman with an oval face, you better try this Daring Layers Cut. Now, this cut isn’t for the faint hearted, such short hair needs to be pulled off with attitude and the right way to do that is to have it cut by the shape of your face. Round faces need a little height on the pixie cut, so try to have tall layered cut that makes the face look longer. Long faces can pull off this cut with side swept short bangs, oval faces can pull off this style no matter how they choose too.

Now, you can be happy perhaps you thought your layered hairstyle doesn’t look good on you. You know it’s only the matters of face shapes, if you know what your face shape is now it’s time to get a layered hairstyles that suits your face.

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How to get a layered hairstyle that suits your face shape

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