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Blonde Hair Color Reviews for any Skin Color

Blonde color is the common hair color that we can see in America. Some people think that blonde girl has lower intelligent compared to other hair colors. Let’s prove those people wrong, shall we? By having a beautiful blonde hair color, we can make ourselves to be attractive. You can follow what Gwen Stefanie due to her platinum hue. Her blonde hair creates a gorgeous look in an edge. If you have a fair skin, you can copy Gwen’s hair style as it gives good shades on your upper body. 

If you want to have a golden hue in your blonde hair color, you can try the previous hair of Margot Robbie. She had the light skin and light eyes and her golden hair suit her very well. It is the way she tried to utilize the combination color of butter, honey and gold. The result of this color will make a natural hair for blonde girl. The golden blonde color will not look like a bleached one, or over processed.

You can also have vanilla blonde as the blonde hair color for you. Michelle Williams is the great example on how he has a nice blonde hair color. You might need to touch up the hair roots once in every three weeks for better maintenance. Bright golden hue with pale highlights is a great combination for the perfect vanilla blonde hair color. Short hair is a better solution to prevent the breakage in your hair.

If you are an Asian, do not afraid to have some blonde hair color. You see that some Korean pop stars have blonde, whether they are males or females. Although it is not their original hair color, they still look good using blonde. Blonde hair is a modern way of life style. Your pale platinum hair can fit the yellow skin tone of Asian girls. You may look at Soo Joo Park. Her bold hair color gives a fresh look of modern Asian woman. 

Fortunately, the right blonde hair color can fit any skin color, even if you have dark skin, you don’t need to whiten your skin when you can bleach your hair. You can look at Beyonce, as one of the successful Afro-American actress, she is not afraid to have blonde hair despite she has darker skin compared to white people. Baby blonde shade will balance your dark skin. With the help of your colorist and the hair color chart, a cream and butter color will fit you well.
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Long, beautiful, gleaming, steaming, flaxen, waxen... I adore hair!
--James Rado and Gerome Ragni, Hair--

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Blonde Hair Color Reviews for any Skin Color

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