Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Beautiful 2014 Short Hairstyles You Should Copy Right Now

If you want an instant makeover that will never go wrong in any occasion, these 2014 short hairstyles surely are the best choice to have. These fabulous short hairstyle inspirations will prove you that having long hair is not the only way to look totally fabulous and chic. Short hairstyles, in fact, are not only stunning, but also efficient. Every morning, you do not need to spend extra hours just to get your hair ready. Even if you are an on-schedule woman, you will only need few minutes every to check if your hair still looks good before meeting!
Let’s start from one of 2014 short hairstyles that are actually never out of style: bob. Basically, we personally find the 2014 short bob hairstyles mean all bob hairstyles. Why? Well, knowing how versatile bob hairstyles are, you will never have the wrong choice that will suit your face shape and hair texture. Starting from graduation bob that is shorter in the back and longer in the front, you can also try to have more fun with short bob with concave layers.
Those are not the only bob hairstyles you can steal for 2014 short hairstyles. For even more fun, what about asymmetric bob? As if the asymmetrical detail is not attractive enough, you can improve the look by adding layers, thus leaving your hair longer in the front and shorter in the back. Not only fun, this asymmetric bob is also suitable for all face shapes!
If you want something that is even much easier and simpler to style, you may want to consider chopping your hair really short as one of 2014 short hairstyles to try. However, we suggest you to retain the length on top of your head, which will be recommended for you who have heart shaped face. Leave the hair on the sides short and wear your hair forward. This way, the hair on your hairline may appear and be used as fringe.
What about 2014 short hairstyles for thick hair? You can try this cool hairstyle! To remove the excess volume, this hairstyle is fabulously styled by cutting one side extremely short and leaving long layers on top of your head. Let the short side disconnected from the rest by creating side part to dramatically swoop the longer layers across your forehead. If you have oval shape, one of 2014 short hairstyles here will be perfect choice for you.

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Beautiful 2014 Short Hairstyles You Should Copy Right Now

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