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The Real Beauty of Healthy Coloured Hair

Coloured hair become a trend which makes women interesting. With a lot of healthy coloured hair choice, their appearence will look different and make them fresh. However, some women don’t want to color their hair because risk of hair damage. Actually, coloured hair can still healthy and shiny if you want to do the treatment. Here are several tips to make your hair keep healthy.


Use good quality products
When dying your hair, use a good product which also used by many women. Before hair coloring, try to test the sensitivity in back side of your ears. If there is no allergy, you can continue coloring your hair. Then, ensure your shampoo and conditioner designed for healthy coloured hair.
Don’t wash your hair too often
Don’t too often to wash your coloured hair. Just wash your hair once in two days. If you wash your hair too often, it will make your hair dull. Choose the smoothing shampoo for healthy coloured hair if your hair consists oil.

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Use hair mask in order
Chemical substance in hair color products which used to color your hair will cause your
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hair damaged. To keep your hair moist and prevent damage, use the hair mask in order at least once a week.
Wash your hair with clean water
There are many hair problems caused by dirty water and consist of too much chlorine inside. Chlorine can make your hair color faded and damage your hair. Ensure to wash your hair with water which consists fewer chlorine or use the shower that can filter certain chemical substance in water.
Protect your hair from sun light
Sun light can damage your hair, even for coloured hair. Use umbrella or hat to protect your hair. Remember to use a special serum which can protect your hair from the danger of  UV light.
Hair treatment
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A protein treatment once a month will help strengthen the hair and balance out the lack of keratin.  Hot oil treatments every two weeks, and deep conditioning will also assist with softness and luster. Depending on the color, cellophane and temporary color will also help seal the cuticle and act as conditioning filler. Regular haircuts and trims are essential while damaged hair splits its best to part ways with it so it won’t continue to move up the hair shaft. Lastly eating foods high in amino acids will help restore keratin to the hair, although the damage has already been done, as new hair grows it will be even stringer with the proper diet. Foods like eggs, meats, and beans should be a part of the program.
Hair coloring can be an alternative to make your appearence looking more stylish. With many choice of healthy coloured hair, women can choose their favourite color. Follow those tips above to help you to keep your dyed hair healthy.

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The Real Beauty of Healthy Coloured Hair

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