Friday, 24 April 2015

Trendy 2014 Short Hairstyle

To make the hair look more trendy styles and maximum appears to have belonged to each gender, not to mention women or men.
Model Trends short haircut man is going to be the trend in 2014 has many types of more modern hairstyle that certainly can you make as a reference latest haircut. Moreover, coupled with the 'drug handsome' pomade that can be used as equipment must have every man present.
To have a slang haircut you should know in advance the shape of your face. Some types of face shapes. Short haircut is one tambut models that are always up to date (following the style every second time). Men are more often pour their expression through their hair style or model, thus giving new nuances and trends. For men who are confused to determine the model or style hair, now do not have to worry anymore. We will help you determine what kind of haircut is suitable for you, of course it depends on the characteristics of your own or in accordance with your wishes later. But do not let you choose the short haircut, because the model or style your hair using can specify an impression on you. Here would be explained about Trendy 2014 Short Hairstyle.

Short Semi-Long Hair
Men shoulder length hairstyle is not always look sloppy with long hair. Spring with long hair will be a popular hair to be loved by a lot of men in the 2014's. Because many of our series of celebrities who have changed the model of short hair with semi-long hair.

Looks Pure Texture
The model's hair texture leading to a short haircut that 'messy'. Models short but thick hair looks more masculine with textured hair styles and shades rebel. It is easy to give a texture like this simply by using a conditioner or cream moistrizing rabut after shampooing your hair thicker. Your hair will look more moist and textured so it is easy to set up.

Top Knot
Top knot hairstyle is long hair models that fit perfectly for those who like a simple and simple style with hair 'longish' you, but you want to look short. This hairstyle is perfect for those of you with a very solid activity activities without worrying obstacle for your long hair, this will make you feel  that you will have short hair.
Short haircut you can customize to the character or the impression that you want to appear later on to others. Where haircut guy basically different between body posture fat guy and a guy that skinny body postures. Posture is more or less there will affect the shape of your face. For those of you who have problems deciding what is suitable hairstyle for guys fat or skinny guy. This Trendy 2014 Short Hairstyle will help you to style yourself.

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Trendy 2014 Short Hairstyle

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