Saturday, 11 April 2015

Girls With Blonde Hair Can Impress Boys Easily?!

It is fact that all people can easily access television channels from other countries like America and Europe, where people are genetically have blonde hair color which will make Asian girls like to dye their hair into blonde especially that there is a fact that girls with blonde hair can impress boys easily.
            Blond or blonde hair is a color that happens because of the lack of eumelanin pigments. This kind of hair is usually comes genetically, but when it isn’t because of gen it can be classified as albinism. People who are genetically have blonde hair usually European or North African. There is a funny fact that most Americans say that “blondes are dumb” which happens opposite way in Indonesia because girls with blonde hair look more attracted.
            As we all know, blonde hair becomes very famous nowadays because most people are now living in the era where television shows are very affecting, especially for people in Indonesia. These days we can easily watch television shows from other countries like America, Europe and many others. We will be served some television shows which players are having blonde hair and that clearly because they are white people who genetically have this kind of hair. This situation will make people in Indonesia who genetically have black hair think that blonde hair looks stunning and different, no wonder we won’t think twice to try to dye our hair into blonde. 

            There are several reasons why most girls in Asia are likely to change their black hair into blonde and one of those reasons is girls with blonde hair can impress boys easily. A Canadian anthropologist, Peter Frost, surveyed that blonde hair can catch boys’ attention easily. Why? Because it’s a bright color and it makes guys more interested to see. Blonde hair is also connected with sexiness, freedom, feminism and fashionable. These words are so close to us girls, that is why we will think that if we dye our black hair into blonde, we will be able to impress boys. Blonde hair will also make girls look younger and fresher, this fact seems to be true because some sources also reveal that males think a female with blonde hair is very attractive because they look more genuine and fun at the same time. So, it’s clear enough why girls in Asia like to dye their hair into blonde. Yes, it is because we all know that blonde hair color can impress boys easily.

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Girls With Blonde Hair Can Impress Boys Easily?!

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