Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Short Hair Style of Your Own

Short Hair Style - Are You interested to cut short? Why not?  This short hairstyle is so famous to all woman. At least there’s time when this short hair style become a trend! No doubt, short hair is easier treated. You will not find it difficult to wash and maintain your hair. So, at least you must try once in your life time, having short hair will not harm you and your head!

The first thing that you need to do when you have set up your mind to choose short hair style is cutting your longer hair became short. While you are cutting it short get your hairdresser to cut it choppy. It might be best to show them a picture of what you want just to make sure her or she gets it right.
The second step is to dye it some colors. Most people will use black as a base and the dye it with streaks. Bright blues and pinks and purples are always good. If you have a nice color in mind use it and it will more than likely look good. The basic idea is to think bright here.

Then you need to grow out the fringe in your hair. The fringe is the part of hair right above your forehead. While doing this you may want to consider cutting the back  shorter or leaving it longer, it's your decision to pick. If you choose to make the back shorter you can try spiking it with gel or serum to get that messy kind of look.

The final thing that you will want to do with your short scene hair is to straighten it every day. This is the preferred style of scene hair.

We have our own choice of our haircut style. So, If you do not like the shorter hair style at all,  you do not have to try it. Of course, you have right to have your own style, by not following the hair style trend. But, you must consider if you have courage for the short scene hair look. You better try it, who knows this short hair style is your best look. 

Beauty looks of short hair style: 

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Short Hair Style of Your Own

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